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The Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold

Dec 17, 2019

Bella Green is charging for it -  she’s cashing cheque’s, kicking ass and taking the comedy world by the short and curlies and forcing audiences to see us sex workers

It’s quite extraordinary how much Bella has achieved in a short time in her new gig as a comedian - so much so that she puts the trope of the struggling stand up performer to shame ( or to bed?) It’s not luck as I find out, it’s good old fashioned lady balls and hard work that got her travelling Oz to comedy festivals with her show Bella's Charging For It.

If you haven’t seen Bella’s charging for it yet, you’re going to have to pull your finger out and be quick as she’s writing another show and a Book. Her daily life is a delicate balance of creative writing and SW that is a source of comedic gold that she generously shares with the world on stage entertaining and providing much needed laughs to civilians and SW

Time waits for no one and if there’s one thing all SW have in common is we’re tired. Real tired. We hustle, go against the grain of society on the daily and have a unique view of the world which Bella captures so well with humour and an new breed of authenticity that’s so relatable. If no holes barred realness is something you’re attracted to you’ll simply love Bella.
Take a listen, have a few belly laughs and check out the dates of her upcoming tour dates at