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The Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold

Mar 12, 2019

If you love women looking strong, edgy and in beautiful locations then you’re bound to have come across Emma’s work, maybe from instagram or maybe in print but one thing is for certain - you can not mistake her striking images for someone else work. Emma's pics are like an insight into her soul and views on femininity.
Highly original and always breaking new ground in art, she has made her company The Black Light, synonymous with cool. In Episode 4, listeners will be engaged in learning how this backpacker from London trotted her way across the globe gathering inspiration and skills that would lead her into the world of glamour photography in a highly competitive field. With a professional background in music management and graphic design, it was her hobby pole dancing that led her to taking a camera to the epic shapes of pole dancers grooves. From here, The Black Light has evolved to being the leader in pole, fitness and erotic photography and with the moving picture becoming so in demand driven by social media, Emma now offers video.
Herein lies what I believe is one of the secrets to Emma's rise to stratospheric proportions, her drive and go get 'em attitude. She sets goals, smashes them and proposes more challenging ones. Where is the limit? Frankly who knows! One things for sure, she’s not holding back. Forever travelling and collaborating with other working women also gets her creative juices flowing.
I was intrigued to learn more about what drives this female entrepreneur so chatting to her in her home surrounded by her beautiful pets in a chill vibe was a real honour. Passionate about animal rights and environmental welfare, she leads a vegan life and points to some life-changing documentaries that cemented her beliefs and being from a nutrition background, I lamented in the conversation!