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The Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold

Jun 13, 2019

Who is the real Vivienne Black? There’s so so much more to the glamour puss we all see gracing the covers of men’s magazines as I find out on a chilly night in Sydney.

Behind the ever glossy dark mane of hair is a mind that’s creative, focused, driven and far from your stereotypical high class international escort. As intelligent as she is vivacious, she openly discusses her passions and some of the roadblocks that have indeed challenged her progression into the mentoring and business development part of her career but not dampened her thirst for success. A self confessed workaholic from her uni days, she talks us through the making of a femme fatale from a small town in country Victoria. 

Creating her new business Sin by design has been a journey of formal learning and self paced study which has blended seamlessly with her extensive years of service in the Sex industry. Vivienne is well equipped to nurture the new breed of tech savvy female entrepreneurs into financial freedom utilising the sex industry as a platform.
Learning of her family history is the icing on the cake of her fated success as a leader and mentor in her field. Yes she’s out and proud to her family and there’s no doubt she will carry her family’s legacy of strong successful women into 2020 and beyond.

The giggles are real and the talk uncensored - join us in an inspiring chat as we smash apart any last remaining pieces of sex work stigma for a peek into mind of Australia’s infamous Miss Vivienne Black. She’s the one to watch trust me! I couldn’t keep my eyes off her for the entire hour


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