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The Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold

Apr 29, 2021

What can I say to introduce you to a podcast with the  effervescent Olivia Sparkles?! She’s my mate of over ten years, she’s my ride or die bitch so I guess I’m biased

I urge you to take a listen for yourself as you will meet an individual that will not meet your expectations of what a Domme is nor an EM “should” be and why would anyone want to frankly ?!
She’s quirky she’s educated she’s from a fantastic middle eastern family and boy did she break the mould of what the world expected her to be. As her namesake suggests she Sparkles Brightly
It is a longer episode that I usually prefer but we just have that much to share and too many stories to squeeze in. I dare say we will record another more in depth episode at a later date. We share our meet cute and some of the things that bonded us, broke us up and it was Covid that eventually pulled us back together as sisters from another mister, and rightly so.
We discuss friendships forged in the S3x industry, coming out to our families, getting through COVID, how she pivoted and ultimately grew her business and skill set due to the pandemic.
What doesn’t break us only makes us stronger is a quote that resonates throughout this hour (and a bit). It relates to our friendship and the highs and lows of striving and ultimately thriving in a pandemic as a S3x worker. Olivia went from touring & in person sessions to Only fans and phone sessions in a day and found a new passion for a different side to her craft
Strap yourselves in for a laugh, a learning curve and a generous helping of soul food