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The Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold

Sep 11, 2019

Sekushi is the Japanese word for sexy and this man not only captures sexy from behind the camera but he has captured the hearts of Aussie Sex workers with his support for the industry. Just read the comments in any of his Instagram posts - they are a true testament of this!
Andy is one half of a wholesome family business that is the quintessential pairing of the female muse and the photographer. It’s a tale as old as time - with a entrepreneurial twist. Andy’s wife is an out and proud sex worker, Tash Hamilton.
In just two short years he has gone from corporate lawyer to business owner of Sekushi Studios, a thriving photography business predominately for sex workers with his beautiful wife Tash and two sons by their side. His life is an open book for all the world to see, judge and learn about on social media, which is how I made the connection with Andy and his incredibly modern and fresh photography. His ability to connect and help others is a skill which extends outside of his working life into advocacy for partners of sex workers across Australia. His calm demeanour is a superpower and is essential in his success in juggling his roles as husband, father, content creator and business owner.
An inspirational yet casual chat covering topics from ethics to family life that will no doubt challenge “the norm” in your views on marriage, business, and sex work stigma.
Here’s Andy in his own words ...
“Sekushi is the Japanese word for sexy, and you are definitely sekushi. We all are! For the past 2 years Sekushi Studios has been collaborating with sex workers from around the world to create content that attracts their target audience, and emphasises not only their sexiness, but their unique personalities and broad range of services. If these professionals trust me to deliver the goods, you can too, whether or not you are a sex worker. I would love for everyone to be able to say #iamsekushi!”
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