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The Golden Touch Podcast with Arianna Gold

Oct 19, 2019

When writing a bio for Tristan Manas - the mind boggles on how to fit so much into few words
Before meeting #Mrwednesday, we see the barrage of hot hot women and almost half a million followers on insta and we could pass judgement on what his life is like - travelling the world shooting luscious women from ALL angles. He’s living the life man! From Strip clubs to Hollywood Hills
He’s a photographer, videographer, TV producer and promoter.
To say he knows his shit and has put in over 20 years of deliberate hard work is an understatement.
He is a master in the digital image wether moving or still. Dreams of being a film maker in NZ took him to hosting and producing TV in both NZ and Australia. An entrepreneur with various visual art degrees under his belt his success is grounded in a solid tertiary education and an unwavering work ethic.
His star is rising and it’s not by accident.
You can hear many many pennies drop for me in the podcast - he drops knowledge bomb tips and tricks from a business stand point and online that will improve anyone’s social media profile. This level of success could come with a international attitude or entitlement but Tristan is not that guy, he gives advice in general conversation, is generous in nature and without a doubt he radiates a positive energy.
We take a leaf out of Jerry Seinfeld’s reinvention book stealing his concept of comedians in cars getting coffee as we discuss creative inspiration, money making, the endless censorship of the female form, retirement and of course Booty.